In the second phase of SAMHATI, we have successfully provided following essential commodities to 140 plus families in need near Haripur Gram of Namkhana. 
1. Sugar
2. Chida
3. Soap
4. Nutella
5. Mosquito killer 
6. Mustard oil 
7. Turmeric powder
8. Chilli powder
9. Salt
10. Detergent
11. Biscuits
12. Sattu
13. Puffed Rice
14. Gram
15. Horlicks
16. Cake
17. Sanitary napkins
18. ORS
19. Masks
20. Clothes for 4-14 yrs old girls.

We are extremely grateful to  everyone who stood beside us in our journey . Hope we will continue to carry out such  venture in comming days if you guys support us like you did in this time.
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